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Fun Show

9th March 2024 | 1.30pm

Fun Show

Class 1 - Ride & Run – jump a course of jumps on your horse/pony and then dismount and run round on foot. Jumps no more than 40cm

Class 2 - Minute To Win It – a course of poles (for lead rein / assisted only) or jumps at 45cm (or higher if you request it) – you have one minute to jump as many as possible. If you knock or refuse a jump it is not counted and there will be a joker fence that will score you double points.

Class 3 – Block Challenge – come and compete to be the Block Challenge Champion! The jump will start 6 blocks wide (blocks are 45cm). You have up to 3 refusals on the first jump only, anything after that is elimination. Each round a block is removed, making the jump skinnier and skinnier. Last one in wins!

Class 4 – 3 Race Gymkhana – compete in 3 Gymkhana Races – the person with the quickest time wins.

Class 1,2 and 4 are £8 each – or do all three for £24. Rosettes to 8th.
Class 3 is £5. Winner gets a rosette.

Please enter via email – [email protected] with the following information:
Rider Name
Horse / Pony Name
Class(es) entered