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We are very pleased to welcome not one, not two, but three new faces to Petasfield!  We are sure that all our regular clients have met them all by now but we wanted to do a formal introduction to let you all know a little bit more about them!

We’ll do it in the order that they arrived….


Jaffa has come to us on loan as his owners were keen for him to be doing more work and thought the riding school would be an excellent place for him to learn more.  They have had Jaffa since he was just a baby after rescuing him.  We are very glad they did as we think he is a super pony with lots of potential.  He is a registered bay Fell pony – hence his extremely beautiful looks and has been a very popular new face due to this reason!!   Jaffa is forward going and a fun pony to ride – look out for him entering the dressage and our jumping competitions.   He is very fond of laying down and having a nap in his stable – sometimes not wanting to get up when we require his presence in the school!  See him here for some photos of him looking rather cheeky!


Missy is a 13.3 (and a half!) tri coloured cob owned by Clare and Charlotte Allen who I am sure many of you know!  She is currently on livery whilst we do some schooling with her but will soon be on working livery so look out for her being used in lessons.  Missy came from the same place many of the horses of Petasfield (past and present) have come from who are very good friends of Helen’s so we are sure she will fit in perfectly.  She has a lovely quiet temperament – loves cuddles and fuss and is a very quick learner.  She is also the first mare on the yard for quite some years so quite a milestone for us!


Just because we didn’t want Missy to feel too overwhelmed by being the only girl with all the boys we are also very pleased to welcome Carrie!  Carrie is an 11.2hh grey pony so is the smallest pony on the yard.  Don’t let her size fool you though – she has bags of energy and loves to jump!  She has come to us from a family that come regularly to lots of our shows.  Carrie was bought for the girls and helped teach them to ride as well as build their confidence.  Both the girl’s feet only just reached the bottom of the saddle flap when they started riding her but 6 years on their feet now almost come to her knees so they have sadly outgrown her!  They know Carrie has so much more still to give and so wanted to have her in a place where she could continue to help children learn to ride and have some fun herself!  She is rather noisy at present – likes to neigh to her new friends and  sometimes squeal at them if they come too close but we know she’ll settle in in no time.  She is extremely pretty so we are sure she will be loved by all our boys!

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