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Hi all,

Very pleased to say all the pony days so far have been very successful with everyone attending having a great time!

I would like to share the results of all the days plus some all important photos - more to be added soon!  We based all our days around the Pony Club progressive tests so that anyone that wants to start Pony club in term time will be well on their way to passing some of the bronze award.  To find out more about the Pony Club tests please see here. We are going to start Pony Club on Saturday 1st of September so please do book in soon!


Wednesday 1st August (Pony morning - under 10s)

1st Place - Nadia
2nd Place - Lloyd
3rd Place - Caitlin
Special awards - Ollie and Lillie - our two youngest members of the day (just 5 and 6 years old) who both did an amazing job!

Wednesday 15th August (Pony Morning - over 10s)

1st Place - Georgina
2nd Place - Izzy
3rd Place - Stephanie
4th Place - Harrison
Special award - Amy - who had never even been near a horse before coming on our pony day and lost out to 4th place by just one point!

Double day (16th / 17th August)

1st Place - Georgina (are we noticing a trend here... looks like Georgina is the one to beat!)
2nd Place - Megan (Reeves)
3rd Place - Sakura
4th Place - Nadia (a special mention on this one that Nadia who is only 9 was doing the same tasks as the over 10s!)
Special awards - Harrison and Lucy.  Lucy was our youngest member at just 6 years old and did brilliantly and Harrison had the biggest improvement out of the entire group)

Look out for the results for the next few pony days this week and next!

2012-08-01 09.49.06

2012-08-01 12.37.43

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