Beau's Holiday Pics

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Hi everyone,

Those of you who are regular Beau riders will have noticed that he went on a little holiday this week!  He came to stay with my pony Smudge and his girlfriend Fern. 

I am afraid Smudge wasn't very friendly and spent most of the week herding Fern away from Beau but Beau didn't seem to care and had fun exploring his new surroundings!  He has come back now and is nice and fresh after his week of rest.

Here are some pictures for you :o)



  Beau following me around while I cleared the field.  You can see Smudge in the background guarding Fern!
















  Beau finally getting to say hello to Fern!













 Smudge looking on worriedly as his girlfriend meets the new man!











Crissie x

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