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Petasfield Cottages

Come and stay at Petasfield Holiday Cottages - an idyllic countryside retreat



Price List    1/2 Hr  3/4 Hr  

 Riding Lessons - Children

 Private  £28.00  £37.00  
 Semi-Private  £23.50  £28.00  
 Group  £21.00  £25.50  
 Riding Lessons - Adults  Private  £30.50  £39.00  
 Semi-Private  £25.50  £30.00  
 Group  £23.50  £28.00  
 Riding & Care Lessons (Children)    -  £33  
 Riding & Care Lessons (Adults)    -  £37  
 BHS Care Lessons     1.5hr - £15  
 Hacking   1hr - £31    1.5hr - £44  2hrs - £58
 Pony Club    £12 for 2 hrs

 Clinic space available for hire to coaches 

& instructors

   email for details

You will be required to fill out an acceptance form before you ride which you can find here.  Please ensure you have also read the following points:

  1. Horse riding is a risk sport, participation therefore holds potential risks.
  2. Horses are sometimes unpredictable and do not always respond as expected.
  3. We advise all persons participating in an equestrian sport to have adequate personnel accident insurance.
  4. We allocate horses to riders taking into account experience and suitability however all riders retain the right not to ride a horse allocated to them.
  5. All riders must wear a hat approved to current BSI standard.
  6. All clients are asked to wear suitable footwear and gloves.
  7. All clients are asked not to wear jewellery of any description when riding or in the stable area.
  8. Clients are requested to inform the instructor if any of the information above is altered.
  9. All clients retain the right to ask for a change of instructor.
  10. I accept that if I need to cancel 24 hours notice must be given or the fee is payable.